100% Polyester Spun Yarn

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Balaji Overseas has been dealing in Polyester Spun Yarns since over a decade & has been exporting world class quality spun yarn to various countries across the globe creating its demand for quality products in Europe, Asia, Africa and America . Polyester Spun Yarn is available in counts like NE 20/1, 30/1, etc. It is mainly used for knitting & weaving to make polyester fabrics such as consumer fabrics and home furnishings.

Spun yarn is also used in making Sewing thread & embroidery threads. Polyester spun yarn can be Virgin made from Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber or Recycled Spun yarn made from Recycled PSF. Spun Yarn can bewaxed which is used for knitting fabrics or un-waxed mainly used for weaving. PSY is commonly available in both single and double ply for use in Textile industry . It can be Raw-white & dyed as well. Both dope-dyed spun yarn & conventional dyed spun yarn can be used to make fabrics.

Spun yarn is also available with different levels of twist. 32 TPI (or 1200 TPM) & 38 TPI (or 1500 TPM) are the common twist for spun yarn. Twisted spun yarn has more strength & tenacity as compared to the normal twist spun yarns.

We can supply you the best quality Virgin & Recycled Polyester spun yarns from manufacturers & suppliers in India , China , Taiwan , Indonesia , Vietnam , Malaysia & South Korea. We can offer your counts as below:
SD : Semi Dull      RW : Raw-White
Type Count Ply Luster
Virgin Spun Yarn 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 1 ply & 2 ply SD, RW, Dyed
Recycled Spun Yarn 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 1 ply & 2 ply SD, RW, Dyed